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tONE IT dOWN 2024

Tone it Down: social singing group

Fortnightly during term time / 5 – 6pm / $10pp / Don’t book, just turn up!

Upcoming dates
2 May, 16 May, 30 May, 13 June, 27 June.

Tone it Down: social singing at Oxford Gallery. The aim of this singing group is to feel good and have fun! Led by voice coach Harriet Schuster-Hill.

Fortnightly on Thursdays at 5-6pm, during term times.

All welcome. Just turn up! Bring $10 per class
Entry at back door @ Oxford Gallery, 72 Main St, Oxford

“Why does singing make us feel better? It has been shown that singing has a considerable effect on raising both endorphin and oxytocin levels in the blood. Endorphins contribute to a general sense of well-being as well as giving us higher resistance to pain levels. Oxytocin, known as the love hormone, is not just limited to women in childbirth and breastfeeding. Higher levels are found in couples in the first six months of their relationship and in athletes engaged in synchronised team activity such as rowing. In rowing, the synchronicity of the team is essential to success. And in choral singers, not only do we all breathe together and sing together – we’re spreading harmony as well as empathy.” Dr Jenevora Williams, Singing teacher and vocal rehabilitation specialist. *…/article/why-do-we-sing

About our voice coach:
Hari has a background in musical theatre, acting, songwriting and recording. She has trained in the UK and NZ, performing in Jazz festivals and live venues. Recently Hari completed level 1 TOSCA (Teaching Of Singing Certificate Aotearoa) led by Atlas Voice, focusing on voice science and vocal pedagogy. Hari is a passionate teacher, who helps singers understand the workings of their voice.

Thank you to Oxford Benevolent & Improvement League for making this possible; you do awesome work!

Creative Catch-ups yellow (1)

Creative Catch-ups: last Friday of the month*
11am-12pm / $2 koha

*The next Creative Catch-up for 2024 is Friday 31 May

Calling all creatives, artists and crafters! On the last Friday of each month, we invite you to have a cuppa, work on your creative projects, or simply chat and connect with like-minded people at Oxford Gallery.

There are many creative people in our community and as artists we understand the importance of getting together to talk about our projects, our successes and our struggles! Painters, spinners, weavers, potters, sewists, photographers – or even not-sure-yets -all are welcome.

We meet on the last Friday of every month* at the gallery, from 11-12, but if you wish to stay longer you’re welcome to. Tea and coffee is available and, if you can, a $2 koha towards the gallery’s running costs is appreciated. No registration required.


Tūhura*: Discover with Oxford Gallery toi o Waimakariri
All ages / during opening hours / by koha

Tūhura is a drop-in creative workshop for all ages. Every month we change up the workshop and offer you a new creative challenge. Create, wonder, look, enjoy! Make a cuppa, hang your creations on the wall or take them away; the choice is yours.

*1. (verb) (-hia,-ina,-tia) to discover, disclose, bring to light, unearth, open up, explore, investigate.
(Source: Te Aka