**This week (16 – 19 November) at Pop-Up Studio**

Artists in house:

Thursday: Casey Macaulay, Kathy Thorpe, Celia Wilson, Ruth Stanton-Macleod, Donna Coster, Tessa Warburton
Friday: Ruth Warburton
Saturday: Kathy Thorpe, Ruth Stanton-Macleod, Donna Coster, Tessa Warburton
Sunday: Kathy Thorpe, Ruth Stanton-Macleod, Tessa Warburton

Sunday 19 November / 1-3pm
Artist-led art activities (entry by gold coin). We bring you two, artist-led workshops. Come and get an insight into the unique creative practices of Tessa Warburton and Kathy Thorpe and make artworks of your own to take away.

1 – 2pm: You’ll learn a simple book-binding technique for publishing your own books or for giving as gifts. With Tessa Warburton.

2 – 3pm: Make a bisque-glazed, carved soap dish with Kathy Thorpe.

No booking required, just come on in.

Thursday 19 October – Sunday 26 November 2023

For Pop-Up Studio, Oxford Gallery is a working artists’ studio for six weeks. This is a residency for 12 artists. Each artist spends three weeks at Pop-Up Studio.

A shared workspace is an incubator for collegiality and collaboration. Having artists at work in our space brings it alive with creativity and activity. We know this from the brilliantly successful Open House Studio in 2020 where several artist-printmakers shared the space. Pop-Up Studio is an extension of the Open House kaupapa, widened to include artists from a range of disciplines. It promotes connection and community for artists and allows them to share the creative process and their work with our visitors.

Part 1 (weeks 1-3) from 19 October – 5 November
Part 2 (weeks 4-6) from 8 November – 26 November


PART 1 (19 October – 5 November)

Anna Heasley

I’m a keen photographer and have been doing photography as a hobby for about 20 years. I mainly shoot landscapes, some abstract nature and environmental type portraits. I am keen to share my skills and have recently completed the Storytelling workshops with Janeth Gil, photographer and Photosynthesis.

Della Rees

My practice explores concepts around human impact on the environment, often combining and re-purposes materials and techniques to create new aesthetic forms.

Suzanne McDonnell

My art practise is concerned with our experience of being human. What is it to be part of a family, an individual within community, within wider society, and of a shared culture. My geometrical abstraction is driven through the desire to cultivate a discussion, to question, and understand. I enjoy giving shape and colour to these questions, to the connections and the collisions that come from sharing space.

Katie Hallam

I observe the patterns around me, resulting in works that scrutinise the relationship between the natural world and human interventions. I work in an experimental and playful way with printmaking, drawing, painting and collage. I began my creative practice in 2018.

Sean Fetjes

I am a realism painter working with oils…. I paint landscapes from around the South Island but focus mainly on the Arthurs Pass area. I prefer landscapes with a strong light source and aim to capture the subtle textures and small details so the viewer doesn’t just see the scene, but feels it.

Miranda Brown

Essentially my practice is all about connecting people to the beauty of nature to enhance wellbeing and to inspire people to look after our natural world. Research shows us that when people are connected to their place they look after that place. Our role is to be the Kaitiaki, guardians of the creatures, the air, earth, water and life force – the mauri. Miranda’s unique art and biophilic design work is integrated into projects and the built environment.

PART 2 (9 November – Sunday 26 November)

Celia Wilson

My creative practice revolves around printmaking and paint making through collage, book binding, abstract and realistic painting and drawing. I enjoy researching new subject matter, testing and cataloging local rock colours.

Casey Macaulay

Curiosity and observation are central to my practice. I often start a drawing not knowing where the work is going to end up- letting the pencil and paint tell the story, and exploring composition and mark making in drawing, watercolour and mixed media.

Tessa Warburton

I am a bookbinder by trade, but also an artist who likes to work with book waste and all things paper to create. I also teach bookbinding to individuals and as workshops.

Donna Coster

I am currently painting mostly landscapes, often from photographs I have taken whilst out enjoying our beautiful NZ countryside. I enjoy capturing those special landscape moments involving elements of light, reflection and mood.

Kathy Thorpe

Through observation of nature I create art using photography and ceramics. While my main focus is on ceramics creating pieces for interiors I also have a series of Photographed dried flowers that I sell as fine art prints. My work often reflects nature with earthy tones and interesting shapes.

Ruth Stanton-Macleod

I am passionate about working in both clay and print and move freely between these two disciplines comfortably. Textiles and other materials can also play a part in my multi-disciplinary approach to my work where for example threads may be used to provide links within the work in the literal sense but also in a metaphorical sense.