PRINTMAKER Casey Macaulay

I graduated from CPIT (now Ara) with a degree in design in 2010, majoring in Printmaking and Sculpture. Previously I had studied Linguistics at the University of Canterbury, gaining a Bachelor of Arts. I live in Oxford with my husband and two young kids. These last few years of full time parenting have shaped what is important to me and I can see this coming out in the work I am making now.

Recently I was fortunate to have been involved in the Open House print studio at Arts in Oxford, which was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with my work and with other artists as well as the public. I am also part of the Oxford papermaking group and am enjoying continuing to explore raw materials in that way.

I usually work on paper, or with paper, from drawing to print or sculpture. Drawing is central to my practice, and I love to draw anything organic, from the twisting turning delicate petals of a flower to the human form, working to describe the pose, natural movement and emotion. Printmaking is an extension of this for me, and I am interested in what you can control and where you let the control end. I enjoy the process of working with raw materials, ink, graphite, paper and pulp, combined with observation and mark making.